Glamper Sewing Projects

I am a novice seamstress and many glampers are afraid to sew. Some use iron-on tape or have a friend help do the sewing. Here are some sewing projects done in the Volkswagen Vista.

The dinette received a custom table cover which attaches under the table. The fabric is a bit vintage and was used to make pillow covers as well.



curtains-2Next, we made curtains to replace the old stained fabrics that came with the camper when we purchased it.

We used fabric shower curtains to make privacy curtains and a duvet cover which was split in half to make mattress covers.


Finally, we didn’t want to replace the actual heavy-duty shower curtain (white) that came with the Winnebago interior so instead, we sewed a topper valence from leftover polka-dot fabric to add some color.

Please share your glamper’s fabric projects!

Meet Albert Valentine

z-albert-valentine-3In the name of glamping, every RV needs a mascot. Ours is Albert Valentine. He was found in a second-hand store and came complete with tags. He is part of the “Forest Friends” troop so his hat has F/F on it and he carries a bug cage complete with tiny plastic bugs. (He also carries a branch.) We’ve hung him on the wall inside the RV right by the front door. He guides us and encourages us. Since the definition of glamping means bringing things we enjoy but don’t really need, he fits the definition.


Great Finds From Goodwill

We love to shop sale days at Goodwill and have found many glamping items to bring fun and beauty (and uniqueness) to our RV. Here’s a couple of our recent “fun finds.”

purse-light-1This is a purse nightlight. It is complete with giraffe print fabric, faux fur trim, and a monogram of my first name (which is not Glamper Girl!). It cost me $2.50 and can be left on for long periods of time as it doesn’t burn hot. Definitely a glamping item! The second photo shows how it looks lit up.


This next item is not really for glamping but has a glamping aura. We love to go to Broadway shows and we lived through the whole Y2K scare – were the computers going to crash the world when the clock struck and turned over from 1999 to 2000? We found this Broadway snow globe with a Y2K (2000) Times Square ball that actually moves up and down. The base of the globe is painted with New York street scenes from 42nd Street and the theatre district. It is also musical and plays Auld Lang Syne. It is very cool!

Finally, here are some really cool vintage-look surfing curtains. Though definitely for glamping, we haven’t been able to find a place for them in our small RV (space is limited). Still, they are going to make somebody really happy (if I can ever part with them, wink).

What kind of things have you found at Goodwill that are perfect for glamping or just plain fun? Leave your comments below (or even better, add a photo).

Glamper Accessories Set the Mood

Glamping accessories can be found everywhere. They are not usually inexpensive and we find things at box stores like Walmart or second-hand stores like Goodwill. For example, here are some items we found for the kitchen/dinette area.


Here’s some of the camping dishes “in action.” These particular plates are plastic/melamine and are not microwave-safe but we rarely use the microwave in our RV since we mostly dry-camp (no electric hook up).

You might ask, “why does everything have to go together?” Well, it doesn’t but part of the fun of glamping is to have nice things that look good together. Everything in the photos here cost less than $25, including 4 wine glasses not pictured.

Next, these items from Goodwill are being considered to glamp up the bathroom area of the motorhome with a fun beach theme. Cost = $3.00.


Make A Traveling Wine Rack

We wanted to travel with wine glasses in the RV and wanted a fun way to store them while still adding glamping decoration. We found a decorative wine bottle box with a latch and holes to hold 4 wine glasses in the side. We took the hinges off and added strong magnets to keep the glasses securely in the rack. We also used plastic glasses. As a bonus, it looks like a chandelier above the dinette.





Sleeping Loft Makeover

The VW Vista 21B has a cab-over bed which stacks for more headroom when driving. When we first bought it, it was pretty plain looking.


I made covers for the cushions, kind of like large pillow cases. This enabled the bed to not need sheets (just sleep on the cases) and still allowed us to stack the cushions if we wanted more head room when driving. I also made new curtains. Here’s the after:


New curtains were made for the side windows and new privacy curtains in larger polka dot. This is what the cushions look like when stacked up and this gives more headroom for the cab.


Don’t forget lighting for ambiance.