2002 Volkswagen Vista (Winnebago) 21B

In November of 2015, we purchased this 2002 VW Vista 21B with about 70,000 miles on it. We purchased it via Craigslist.com from a middle-aged couple wanting to “move up.” It was in pristine (clean) condition. We could see it needed new tires and the generator needed a check-up.

This is a really unique motorhome. Besides it being only 21 feet long, it is built on the Volkswagen Eurovan chassis with the RV box being built by Winnebago. These RV’s were only made from 2002-2004.


One thought on “2002 Volkswagen Vista (Winnebago) 21B

  1. Roi McLeod McGuire says:

    We took out our uncomfortable jack knife sofa in our 04 Vista and made an oh so comfy daybed. If you’d like to see I’ll forward pictures. Love our Vista. Like what you’ve done with yours


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