Great Finds From Goodwill

We love to shop sale days at Goodwill and have found many glamping items to bring fun and beauty (and uniqueness) to our RV. Here’s a couple of our recent “fun finds.”

purse-light-1This is a purse nightlight. It is complete with giraffe print fabric, faux fur trim, and a monogram of my first name (which is not Glamper Girl!). It cost me $2.50 and can be left on for long periods of time as it doesn’t burn hot. Definitely a glamping item! The second photo shows how it looks lit up.


This next item is not really for glamping but has a glamping aura. We love to go to Broadway shows and we lived through the whole Y2K scare – were the computers going to crash the world when the clock struck and turned over from 1999 to 2000? We found this Broadway snow globe with a Y2K (2000) Times Square ball that actually moves up and down. The base of the globe is painted with New York street scenes from 42nd Street and the theatre district. It is also musical and plays Auld Lang Syne. It is very cool!

Finally, here are some really cool vintage-look surfing curtains. Though definitely for glamping, we haven’t been able to find a place for them in our small RV (space is limited). Still, they are going to make somebody really happy (if I can ever part with them, wink).

What kind of things have you found at Goodwill that are perfect for glamping or just plain fun? Leave your comments below (or even better, add a photo).

2 thoughts on “Great Finds From Goodwill

  1. Mary Kay Simoni says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your info and insights. We are looking at a 2003 Vista with 98K miles and are wondering what you paid for yours? And I feel funny/bad about saying this but here goes: Campers are notorious for outgassing toxic substances like formaldehyde. When you buy an old one, much of the outgassing has already occured, but then vinyl products outgas cancer-causing gases….which you have added new….. so next time, do not use vinyl. Marmoleum makes a wide variety of flooring products made out of flax that looks like the vinyl, that does not outgas. Just FYI.


    • I would think that 2003 Vista would be $15-$20,000 but I have seen some on the market pushing $25,000. The Vista has the same base as a VW Rialta and I’ve seen those pushing $30,000. Good Luck!


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