Sleeping Loft Makeover

The VW Vista 21B has a cab-over bed which stacks for more headroom when driving. When we first bought it, it was pretty plain looking.


I made covers for the cushions, kind of like large pillow cases. This enabled the bed to not need sheets (just sleep on the cases) and still allowed us to stack the cushions if we wanted more head room when driving. I also made new curtains. Here’s the after:


New curtains were made for the side windows and new privacy curtains in larger polka dot. This is what the cushions look like when stacked up and this gives more headroom for the cab.


Don’t forget lighting for ambiance.



One thought on “Sleeping Loft Makeover

  1. Jeff Kline says:

    Interesting. I need to do something about mine though I did just obtain this RV last fall. I have done much to it, but my sleeping area is largely as it was. First order of business will likely be the drapes on the windows and a new pull over close drape.


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