What’s Up with Flamingos and Glamping?

flamingosMy spouse brought these flamingo salt & pepper shakers home from the thrift store. They are magnetized and face each other chest-to-chest. Notice the art deco details in the stylized grass behind them. They are quite unique, especially since they were found in Minnesota.

Flamingos and glamping go together. Glampers are fascinated by the creatures. First of all, they are pink and fun. They also represent some fun “glamour” and are associated with being different. (You are “brave” to put bright pink accessories in your yard/garden or decorate your camper?)

They are also associated with Florida, the land of sun and fun. When someone wants to put fun in their glamper, flamingos do the trick. On the facebook page, Glampers on the Loose (http://www.facebook.com/groups/glampersontheloose), bright pink and flamingos are a prominent theme. If flamingos are your theme, go for it! They really represent a glamorous, art deco period of Florida and they are really fun.

Here’s a couple other flamingo items for your inspiration, string lights, a purse, and fabric. The possibilities are endless.


Fabric to inspire you

4 thoughts on “What’s Up with Flamingos and Glamping?

  1. Roi McLeod McGuire says:

    Have you done anything to outside of coach to maintain? Our Vista is in need of a polished look. Hubby has the “need” to do it himself rather than having detailed. Hehehe. He’ll probably end up having detailed anyway. BTW. love the decorative changes. Like the covers for loft cushions. I’m going do that too. Thanks for the idea. We were lucky that a previous owner ripped up carper and put down nice flooring.


    • Since we’ve only had it for a year, we started on the inside and haven’t done anything to the outside yet. Like many models of this age, the vinyl decals are peeling in spots and need attention. Our spring project is ripping up the carpet and putting in vinyl plank flooring. I’ll be doing a blog post on that! (and will include photos) Thanks for sharing. I’d love to see photos of any changes you make to your Vista.


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