Goodbye Carpet, Hello Vinyl Plank

Trash outWe finally did it. We planned it for months. We removed the old mint green carpet (and white linoleum) and replaced the RV floor with vinyl planking. A couple months ago, we picked the color and were about to order it from Home Depot but went to an outlet store and accidentally found the exact same flooring for 60% less. We paid a total of $50 for three boxes!

We researched the “how” and knew that removing the carpet would probably be the hardest but installing the floor had its challenges too. We decided to cover vertical surfaces like the stairwell and the back of the cab where the camper floor has a step-up. We also had to cover the battery cover which is below the floor but has a lift up cover.

Indeed, the hardest physical part was pulling all the staples out of the sub-floor.

The floor itself is a floating floor, which means each plank has a tab which glues to each other. It is not glued to the subfloor. This is the best for a moving vehicle. It is held in place along the edges (we used quarter-round trim).

Here are the before and after photos. It still needs some trim but it looks fantastic…. and it will be so much more care-free for camping.



Floor entry AFTER  floor out to bathroom


Floor After

My husband found some trim that matched pretty good and it looks great! Now, I think we’ll replace that stair tred carpet piece….looks like we need a new one!

One thought on “Goodbye Carpet, Hello Vinyl Plank

  1. Cindy Fezatte says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks soooooooooo nice and looks like the same layout as our motorhome…………Good job!!!!! It is on our want to do list too, but awnings first……….


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