When Glamping Isn’t All Sunshine

Lake Carlos State Park cloudy

Lake Carlos State Park, Alexandria MN (June 23)

Glamping is fun! Gamping is glamourous! The weather is awesome! Back that last one up. In Minnesota, the weather is sometimes unpredictable. While the southwestern area of the United States bakes in triple digits heat, the upper Midwest has had uneven temperatures. One weekend it’s 90 and humid; the next is 57 and rainy.

I packed the glamper with games, cards, and puzzles for those rainy or boring moments but never used them last year (not once). In 2017, it’s been a different story. We’ve been out two weekends in May and one weekend in mid-June with cold and wet conditions. Glamping is made for outdoor activities but being wet and cold isn’t fun.

On the last trip, we planned to kayak and had a lake-front campsite. It is one of our favorite sites at a state park because it is literally on the beach. If you visit state parks, you know that reservations are often required and in Minnesota, they are needed one-year in advance. We had planned our outing a year in advance. Yet, the weather cannot be predicted so you get what you get.

Yep, it ended up cold and wet. It was too cold for kayaking or swimming. We went for a hike in the woods and became soaked. We tried to go for a drive to take a respite from the rain but sight-seeing is just not as fun without sunshine. The games and puzzles came out. Our tablets and cell phones helped pass the time too but we didn’t have electric hook ups so we rationed our time on those.

Glamping isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, right? However, the three trips we’ve made this year have been horrible weather. I usually love sleeping in the camper with the windows open but being cold isn’t fun. (We have a furnace but cannot use it without an electric hook up). When we booked a year ago, I was worried about a June trip being too hot and needing air conditioning. It never crossed my mind that we would need heat.

The lesson here is glamping needs lots of activites: crafts, puzzles, coloring books, games, cards, etc. We’ve wondered if a higher power is trying to tell us to sell the glamper (three weekend trips of cold so far) but the truth is, weather is unpredictable. Bad weather makes for good stories. Do you have one to share?

Panaramic Lake Carlos cloudy

Photography by Russell Swanson

One thought on “When Glamping Isn’t All Sunshine

  1. yeah been there done that.. booked our fav site and it was either scorching hot or raining like its the end of the world.
    we always have our RUMMICLUB game with us and play that when the weather is bad .. or we watch movies and if the batteries goes low we just run the generator and top them off )

    glamping in the rain still beats being home I think


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